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Products and Services

Rental lightning equipment


We secure transport of equipment by our own cars:

  • up to 3.5t - IVECO
  • up to 6t - IVECO with platform
  • up to 13.5t - IVECO with platform
  • up to 15t - IVECO with platform


We offer various types of generators for the production of electricity:

  • generators 2kW Honda
  • generator 5 kW Honda

  • generator 60kW mobile – part of the vehicle
  • generator 88kW mobile – part of the vehicle
  • generator 140kW mobile – part of the vehicle


Equipment for the movement of camera:

  • Movietech MAGNUM Dolly including arm Duo Super Jib
  • FISCHER /Fischer 11 Dolly, Fischer 10 Dolly/ including accessories, rails, etc.
  • for classic camera ride we offer light dolly SPRINTER both with rail wheels and bantam wheels


  • 2,5kW DayLight Ball
  • 8kW Tungstern Tube

Lamps and accessories:

Axius lighting technology offers:

Halogen lamps (3,200°K) with output of 100W and 24,000W. Lamps come from top manufacturers such as ARRI, Desisti, Strand, Dedo Weigert, Optex and other companies.
Most of these lamps were constructed with Fresnel lens. Other lamps, used for lighting the background, as the upper light or for other purposes, are designed without Fresnel lens, so called ‘open face’.

Another group of lamps consists of HMI lamps (5,500ºK) that substitute daylight. The assortment of these light sources ranges from 125W to 18,000W. These include also the currently most powerful headlamp, ARRIMAX 18 kW. In this group we offer the products of the ARRI company.

Products from KINO FLO company are very popular for shooting. These are light sources that are equipped with special fluorescent tubes with warm colours of daylight or yellow light. We can provide both classic units with one to four tubes as well as multi-tube ones. They include WALL-O-LITE, IMAGE 80, FLATHEAD 80 but also the latest innovations such as VISTABEAM 300 or VISTABEAM 600.

In some situations it is necessary to use helium balloons with light sources in the exterior or interior. We can offer also such devices – helium balloon HMI 2.5kW or balloon with a yellow light 8kW.

For all types of headlamps we offer various types of stands up to the height of 6.1m. Besides tripods we have a complete range of other accessories for mounting, hanging and other fixation of lamps and their accessories. Products by CHIMERA LIGHTING are an integral part of the offer. We offer various sizes, including rings, for given type of the lamp.

The last group of accessories consists of various types of covering, including frames / Butterfly / offered in sizes from 2x2m to 6x6m.

With our equipment we also lend distribution cables with switchboards and other related technical equipment.